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White House slams construction of conference center on cemetery in Vilnius, Lithuania

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

As reported in Briefingwire by Sam Barker, President Donald Trump is appalled by plans by the Lithuanian government to construct a conference center in desecration of an age old cemetery in Vilnius. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

When Dr. Anthony Harper, a White House spokesman for Christian Networks enquired from KellyAnne Conway, counselor to the President, as to the President’s sentiments on the construction of the conference center in Vilnius, Conway’s response was short and clear. “President Trump is appalled by the desecration of the cemetery.”

KellyAnne Conway went further by stating that President Trump opposes the desecration of any Jewish cemetery.  This underscores the importance that the President attaches to safeguarding Jewish cemeteries through the world.

The Lithuanian government’s plan to construct a conference center on the grounds of the cemetery, pits the government in direct conflict with President Trump and the European Union. Both the latter are strong advocates of protecting Jewish cemeteries.

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