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Press secretary underscores President Trump's opposition to desecration of Vilnius cemetery (Video)

Dr Anthony Harper, White House press reporter representing InterMountain Christian News recently interviewed Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern.

Mr. Morgenstern restated President Trump's opposition to the proposed development of a conference center on a Jewish cemetery in Vilnius, Lithuanian. The million dollar development is earmarked for the Vilna Gaon cemetery, a 500-year cemetery which was also the initial burial plot of the Vilna Gaon and the ger tzedek, Avraham ben Avraham, Count Potocki (pronounced Pototzky).

Hundreds of Torah scholars are buried there including the Chaye Adam (R. Abraham Danzig).

On the President' health, the deputy press secretary said, "So the President's feeling great. Those are his own words, terrific reports from his doctor that he is feeling fine and he is symptom free. And there are antibodies detected in the latest report from the doctor. That's a very good sign. His body's fighting the disease well.

"And I know that he can't wait to get out there and talk to voters and participate in the debate and really be fully engaged, though he remains working very hard talking with members on the Hill doing his job, representing the American people. He's a fighter, and he's going to continue to fight."

Dr Harper reminded Brian Morgenstern about the desecration of the Shnipishok cemetry, "I remember also talking with you about the plight of the Jewish people. There's a Jewish cemetery being desecrated in Lithuania."

Mr. Morgenstern responded. "Well President Trump has been a champion for the Jewish people and really for religious liberty, more broadly.

"So he's been a very loud voice on that topic. He will continue to stand up for religious freedom, really all around the world especially here in America, but in other places as well, so.

"We want religious freedom to be a light in every country, as much as possible. And the President will continue to speak out in that regard."

Dr Harper alerted Mr. Morgenstern to the fact that using a cemetery for any other purpose other than as a resting place for the deceased, is forbidden in Jewish law. "Their concern is about any construction on the Jewish cemetery is not allowed and is considered as desecration. I know that Arlington Cemetery, people that were buried there, it wouldn't go over very too well if people move the graves of the military soldiers and put an entertainment park right in the middle of the cemetery over the grave."

The deputy Press Secretary responded. "Antisemitism certainly has no place in America. And the and the President certainly stands against antisemitism."

Dr Harper concluded. "And any final words that you would like to share with our evangelical viewers, Orthodox Jews that so a part of this?"

"Absolutely," said Mr. Morgernstern. "We stand with you and your religious liberty. We appreciate all the well wishes that have been coming our way at this time. We are fighting for you. We are going to continue to fight for religious liberty. The President is going to overcome the disease he is fighting right now very quickly and he will be, he will continue to be a voice for all of you and your religious freedom."

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