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People Speak

What everyone is saying online, about the construction of the conference center by the Lithuanian government in Vilnius. Visit the Save Vilna Facebook page.

Susan Rose Riskind Too painful. My family was massacred in the forests there.

John Polutnik Never Forget & Never Let It Happen Again.

Walt Stamper Totally disgusting acts never to be forgotten ever and I am not Jewish. I am an American, like many others.

Marta Uribe Walt Stamper, My father-in-law was Jewish in such a place... he told us everything he had to endure and live, until he found freedom, his whole family died in concentration camps and babies and children in the ovens... he told us all his pain... like your survival. (Translated)


Michael Satterlee The Lithuanians were joyously complicit in the murder of Jews, forming Militias for that express purpose, and volunteering for the SS Einsatzgruppen Death Squads with fervor. They served in the Soviet Union, Ukraine and the Crimean areas, killing Jews by the Millions, prior to the creation of the Death Camps. They have NEVER expressed regret.

Gene Ann Dreyer Never forget!

Diane Osjeo This makes me sick.

Ted Vanatta Never again.

Edward Pecnik So sad!

Gloria Ogelvie Never forget.

Robin Lilac Awful.

Cheryl Frederick I doubt seriously that they can pull that off again. The world is watching and we will not put up with that kind of atrocity again. I don't know how they did it then, but it can't happen again.

Marlene Watson Cheryl Frederick Don't bet against it. Evil has a lot of company and power!

Emelia Bartyzel 😢

John Moxey Sadly, there are many in our country that deny the Holocaust.

Joe  Heartbreaking to say I am not surprised, given the eye witness narratives and photos of their WWII behavior.

Joe  Not sure if this has anything to do with how so many of them conducted themselves towards the Jews, but they were the last country to become Christian in Europe. All the other countries had already become Christian and accepted the Bible, and they were still Pagans. Finally a brokered marriage arrangement between one of their royalty and one of Poland's resulted in their accepting Christianity.

Morris  Disgraceful, appalling behavior!

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