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Video appeals to government to nix conference center on Jewish cemetery

NEW YORK, October 5, 2020 - a group which is lobbying the Lithuanian government to nix its plans to build a conference center on a 500-year old Jewish cemetery, has created a video to communicate its appeal.

The video stars a teenage girl Camilla, who recalls that her Lithuanian heritage tells a different tale to what most would think. It is one of escape.

She expresses her sadness at that fact that the Lithuanian government is about to destroy and desecrate the graves her family in Vilnius, by developing a conference center on the cemetery. The graveyard was also the original burial site of the Vilna Gaon who was moved after World War II.

Her appeal is on behalf of all Jews who who are buried in the Shnipishok cemetery.

She recalls the lack of support which Jews had during World War II when they were in being gassed and became victim to the ovens. Therefore, it would wrong for her and other Jewish communities to rely on governments to come to their assistance.

Camilla says that a team is actively campaigning to have sanctions imposed on Lithuania, due to the mistake that the government is making by building a conference center on the Sports Palace, the location of the cemetery. She would prefer not to go this route, to lobby for sanctions that could impact and destroy the economy. Rather, she would prefer to be part of promoting Lithuania's growth and prosperity. Camilla says that Lithuania is also her heritage.

She concludes that really the outcome of whether that happens, depends on the Lithuanian people. Updates on efforts which are being made to stop the plan to desecrate the cemetery, are posted regularly.

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