10 Facts about Šnipiškės Jewish Cemetery

  1. The Šnipiškės Jewish cemetery has not been destroyed. The Sports Palace was built on less than a quarter of the cemetery. According to a recent radar scan, the bulk of the cemetery lies in tact.

  2. The Lithuanian Jewish community is opposed to the conference center development. Lead developer Turto bankas confirms that the Lithuanian Jewish community chairperson wishes that any initiative comply with Jewish law. The conference center proposal does not.

  3. All legitimate Jewish authorities are unanimous in their condemnation of the conference center proposal.

  4. The Sports Palace is located on the cemetery. Turto bankas agrees with this fact. Additionally, official documents show there are bones and skeletal remains encrusted in the edifice. See VIDEO

  5. Contrary to some claims, the Turto bankas proposal does not comply with previous agreements, even those that were signed by parties who do not represent the Jewish community.

  6. The development of a memorial or financial payment cannot replace a cemetery. The notion undermines a fundamental Jewish tenet of what a cemetery is.

  7. Jewish law prohibits a cemetery being used for any purpose other than as a cemetery.

  8. The international Jewish community is committed to the redevelopment of the cemetery and giving the area a facelift, so that it is aesthetically attractive.

  9. Despite the tragedies of the past, most Jewish community members of Lithuanian descent feel a connection to Lithuania.

  10. Many Lithuanian members of the Jewish community who oppose the conference center, are Lithuanian patriots.

For further information see the Šnipiškės FACT CHECKER

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