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Partial Burial List

R. Zelmele (i.e., Shlomo Zalman) brother of R. Hayyim Volozhin.jpg

A partial list of the great men of Israel buried in the ancient cemetery of Vilnius (Vilna). The names were copied from the book 'Kirya Ne'eman', printed in 1905.

It should be noted that all their families were also buried with them.


  • Rabbi Menachem Manish Hayut, Av Beit Din of Vilna, brother-in-law of the Maharal from Prague. The earliest known name. Two books remain from him: 'Kabbalat Shabbat' (Prague, Shafa), 'Derech Tamimim' 7 parts on the Parshas Black.

  • Rabbi Moshe Rabkash son of Rabbi Naftali Hirsch Sofer. He was exiled from Vilna to Amsterdam at the time of the deportation, where he wrote his great work, 'Beer Hagola', then returned to Vilna.

  • Rabbi Moshe son of Rabbi David Kremer. Av Beit Din of Vilna.

  • The earliest name known from the Gra family. In-laws with Rav Fethiya, son of the Be'er Hagola. Lay jams around his grave to not access a person's name.

  • The Gaon Rav Eliyahu Hassid son of Rabbi Moshe Kremer. Son-in-law of Rav Petahya Ravkash, one of the leaders of the Vilna community. Great-grandfather of the Gra.

  • Rabbi Moshe son of Rabbi Hillel Darshan. Author Torat Hashem (manuscript). A student with the Magen Avraham.

  • Avraham ben Avraham (Ger Tzdedek)  

  • Rabbi Shlomo Zalman son of Rabbi Yissachar Ber.

  • The father of the Gra.

  • Rabbi Aryeh Leib son of Rabbi Yitzchak Shapira. Known as the little Rabbi Libli. At the age of 31 (in Dihrenfurt) he published his two major works: 'Nahalat Ariel' and 'Maon Aryot'. He has also published many other books. The father of the all important 'Shapira' family.

  • Rabbi Yehuda son of Rabbi Eliezer. Author of 'Ha-Yesod'. Elected from the rabbis of the committee that discussed the dispute between Rav Yehonatan Eibshitz and Rav Yaakov Emdin. Father-in-law of Rav Shmuel son of Rav Avigdor (last Av Beit Din of Vilna).

  • Mrs. Hanna, wife of the Gra. The first wife of the Gra and the mother of his children.

  • Rabbi Shlomo Zalman son of Rabbi Yitzchak. A Favorite student of the Gra. The brother of Rav Chaim of Volozhin. He is known as 'Rav Zalmela'.

  • Rav Shmuel son of Rabbi Avigdor. The last director of the Vilna Ministry of Jewish Education.

  • Rav Noah Mendes Lifshitz (and his wife Minda daughter of Rav Eliyahu Peseles). Kabbalist and friend of the Gra: Author, ’Butterflies for Wisdom' and 'New Wonders'. Their bones were transferred to the new cemetery together with other deceased people who were buried in the Gra tent, around the year 5733.

  • Rabbi Yitzchak son of Rabbi Chaim. The father of the genius brothers Rav Chaim and Rav Zalmela of Volozhin.

  • Rav Issachar Ber. Brother of the Gra. The grave was transferred to the new cemetery together with other deceased people who were buried in the Gra tent, around the year 5733.

  • Rav Avraham ben HaGra. He died at the funeral of his grandfather, the father of the Gra.

  • Rav Zvi Hirsch Peseles (and his wife Deborah). From the family of the Gra. His grandfather, Rav Eliyahu Pesales, supported the Gra.

  • Rabbi Avraham son of Rabbi Michal Danzig. Died: 4 Tishrei. Books: 'Human Life' and 'Human Soul', 'Human Wisdom' and 'Human Understanding', 'Gates of Justice', 'Remember the Torah of Moses', 'Moshe's Matzah', 'History of Man', 'Beit Avraham' and more, In-laws of Rabbi Yitzchak married the daughter of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Kremer, the son of the Gra.

  • Rabbi Pinchas son of Rabbi Yehuda of Palatsk. Author of: 'Magid Tzedek', 'Keter Torah', 'Kitsur Sefer Ibn Bohan', 'Shevat Meihuda', 'Derech HaMelech', 'Derech HaChaim', 'Givat Pinchas', 'Midrash Chachamim', 'Rosh HaGiva' and many more.

  • Rabbi Avraham Abli Pasweller, Av Beit Din in Vilna.

* With appreciation to Reb Itzik Pines for his research and work in compiling and sourcing the material.

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