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"The 2015 Seimas resolution green-lighting the conference center on the Shnipishok cemetery in Vilna, Lithuania, undermines the provisions of the Lithuanian Constitution, Articles 22 and 26. These respective provisions in the Constitution protect religious freedom and religious institutions. Beyond raising a compelling constitutional issue, this resolution is wrong as a matter of justice, historical preservation, basic decency and the dignity of the dead." ~ Professor Alan Dershowitz


It was stolen from the Jewish community by the Nazis and then the Russians. In accordance with the legal right of ownership, the cemetery should be returned to the legitimate guardians of the deceased and their rightful heirs. To destroy this last remnant of Vilna’s Jewish history and culture will be an atrocity and human rights violation of the highest order. Although the value of property and human rights were meaningless for the likes of Stalin and Hitler, it would be unbecoming of the Lithuanian government (the owner of the bank) to act in a similar fashion. The Jewish community, rightful heirs and proponents of the Save Vilna initiative are fighting to protect the interests of the departed. They do not  support the Lithuanian bank's plan to construct a conference center, know as the Vilnius Congress Center. They want that the property be returned to the legitimate guardians and heirs of the deceased. The cemetery is their heritage. It should be restored and allowed to be used for the purpose for which it was exclusively designated.

The construction of a conference center on a cemetery is ILLEGAL.

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